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What is a fanzine?

A fanzine (fan magazine) is a collection of works produced by the enthusiasts of a particular topic. It is published non-officially for the enjoyment of others who share their interest.

What is an artbook?

An artbook is a compilation of artistic works and conceptual ideas that explore the development process of anything from the creative field -- in this case, a theme park.

Who made this?

We did!  We are passionate, artistic fans from Scar's community. There are sixty-one of us, so head on over to the about page meet us all!

Why did you make this?

We felt incredibly inspired by the heart and passion that GoodtimeswithScar put into the Scarland project.  We wanted to contribute to that vision, since Scarland is near and dear to all of our hearts.

Will there be a digital release?

There already is! You can download the original 181 page version of our book for FREE right now on our! We also have plans to release the full 240 pages once the physical books have been received.


Which charity is being benefited?

Our chosen charity is Give Kids The World Village!  GKTW is an 89-acre, whimsical nonprofit in Central Florida that provides critically ill children and their families with magical week-long wish vacations at no cost. Every wish family is treated to accommodations, transportation, donated theme park tickets, all meals and snacks, nightly entertainment and more. For more information, visit

How is the book benefiting GKTW Village?

Once all profits generated from the sale of this product are collected and after covering production costs, distribution costs, and contributor copies the final amount will be donated in one lump sum to the charity. Follow our socials and sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.


Preorder date extension?

Yes! We have decided to extend the preorder period by a few days to ensure everyone who wants a copy has enough time to order!

I haven't received my confirmation email.

We have heard that our confirmation emails can sometimes arrive in the spam folder! Please check there first. If the email isn't in your spam folder, please contact us with your order details and we will check if your order went through.

I contacted support and still haven't got an answer.

Please allow up to three business days for a response. Additionally, please make sure to check your spam folder or check if you sent it to the correct email (

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes! There was some delay in the set up, but the issue has been resolved now.

Is there a limit on how many books can I order?

You can order a maximum of 12 books per order for domestic shipping and 3 books per order for international. This is due to weight limits with our shipping service. If you want to order more books, you are welcome to place multiple orders.

Is there international shipping?

Yes! For almost all countries. Via FedEx or DHL.

How does a preorder work?

A preorder is an order placed for an item that hasn't been released or is not currently in stock. They're shipped to the customer once available. This means books will go into production once preorders close.

How long will production take?

Production time will take 8-9 weeks.

When does shipping start?

Shipping is estimated to begin in July.

When should I expect my order to arrive?

The following months after shipping begins (July - August).

Can I purchase a copy after the pre-order period?

This is your only opportunity to acquire the Scarland Artbook, this book won’t be produced ever again.

What about leftover stock?

There’s a very low chance that there will be any leftover stock, but in the case there is, we will re-open the shop to sell those.

VAT / Customs?

Please note that you will be responsible for covering any potential customs/import fees such as VAT that may be due upon arrival depending on your country's import laws.

Where are the books shipped from?

All book orders are fulfilled from and shipped out of California, US.

Can I change my address?

Send us an email containing your name, order number, and correct address before the shipping period begins.

Can I get a refund/Cancellation?

All sales are final, but please reach out on the contact page or email us at if there are any issues.

Can't find your question?

Head to the contact page and send us an inquiry with your question. You should receive a response from our organizing team in two to three business days.

How do we contact you? Is our support email. Also be sure to follow our socials and sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.